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Business Opportunities


From: Suneel Prasher

Friday, 11:21a.m.



Dear Friend,


I would like to congratulate you on taking your first steps towards financial security and wealth. Too often people are lulled into a false sense of financial security by the routine of their jobs. They don't realise that their routine may actually land them in hot water! I personally felt the pain when my dream job turned into a nightmare and I realised I didn't have enough money to quit!

Consider your own situation. Do you have enough income to quit tomorrow. Will you have enough money to  quit in the future?  Consider the statistics below:

   The statistics for people at the age of 65yo (after 40years of work) are:

  • 29% will be dead

  • 63% will depend on family or social security

  • 3% are still working

  • 4% are financially secure

  • 1% will be wealthy

74% of the wealthy people owned their own business!


Unless you plan to be a CEO or a member of upper management in a large company,

it seems evident that you'll need to own your own business if

you want to ever be able to quit working!



What sort of business should I look into is the common question. My advice to you is to look for a business that has the following traits:

  • Be Your Own Boss - Ability to set your own hours and dress code. To be able to work where you want when you want, part-time or full-time.

  • Low Financial Risk - Must have low capital outlays and on-goings. 

  • Work at Home - Ability to spend more time with your family. No commute or rush hour traffic. Something that allows you to live where you want to liveyour business moves with you.

  • Immediate Income - Earnings have to start coming in nearly immediately, with a realistic opportunity to earn an above-average income every week.

  • Part Time to Full Time - Ability to build the business part-time until it is generating enough income to do it full-time..

  • No Employees - No employee-related hassle or paperwork.

  • Significant Tax Benefits - Legally save thousands of dollars with home-based business deductions.

  • No Ceiling on Income - You are paid what you're worth. You decide how much you earn based on your effort.

Now you might say that businesses like that don't exist, but you'd be wrong. 

They are just very hard to find!


I'll share with you one of the most exciting businesses I've found that fit all these criteria ... an Internet Business! More people are making significant money on the internet now then ever before.  The secret is that they're learning the 'tricks of the trade' from the gurus that have been making millions on the internet for over a decade.


I personally studied a course from Corey Rudl and with that knowledge built a part-time internet income of $1000/month while I was working a 60 hour a week full-time job!  I won't tell you how much I'm earning now but let's just say I was able to give up my lucrative but highly stressful job while still aiming for a 6 figure income!


Internet Success Story Corey Rudl

Fact #1: Corey made $7,600,000 (that's $7.6 million) last year in online sales with his businesses.

Fact #2: Corey turned a failing product into $500,000 per year on the Internet.

Fact #3: Corey attracts over 1.8 million visitors to his sites... every month!

Fact #4: Corey has published the #1 best-selling Internet Marketing Course online for SIX years straight!

Fact #5: Corey has just released his latest research, his most recent testing, and his most profitable secrets to the public for the first time ever!

Click here now to read his story...




Now you have a decision to make. You can either 

  1. Take Action - Start educating yourself on the myriad of ways you can make money on the internet. I'd highly recommend you start by reading the material on Corey's website or signing up for his FREE information newsletter - CLICK HERE


  1. Go on as usual - Forget everything you've just learned and continue on with life. You'll stay within your comfort zone and be reassured by your routine. If this sound like the best solution to you, just ask yourself:
    • If you lost your job tomorrow how long could you survive on your savings?
    • Do you think you'll have enough to live comfortably on when you retire?

"Would you like to start an Internet business... and work from the comfort of your home?

I've helped 1,000's of 'regular' people start REAL businesses selling real products and services on the Internet -- everything from homemade soap to financial planning advice to golf supplies.

My students make anywhere from $30,000 to $2.5 million per year. I can help you, too.

>Click here to read my FREE Special Report that reveals how ANYONE can start an Internet business... in less than 48 hours.


Of the hundreds of tools and information packs I've studied, Corey Rudl's courses were the best value by a long way! Learning from someone who 'walks the talk' and has actually made serious money using the same techniques he teaches is definitely something I'd recommend to any aspiring internet businessperson. Check out his website and/or sign on for his free information newsletter - CLICK HERE



Yours Sincerely,






Suneel Prasher, Director

Grofit Pty Ltd.


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